Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rep. John Lewis, Selma to Montgomery March, 1965. (photo source unknown)

Remember this man
who’s been to the Mountaintop
to shine a light
on injustice
and remind us:
“It’s nonviolence or nonexistence.”
Yet, more than fifty years later,
gentle black men, women
sons, and daughters
continue to be killed,
’cause who ever knew
holding up your hands
or asking to breathe
was an act of aggression?
The cry is always the same:
We want to be free.
March on.

Remember this man
who’s been to Birmingham Jail
to wake up a nation
to the moral value:
“We are tied together
in a single garment of destiny.”

Yet, more than fifty years later
millions of students
across our nation
demand safe…

Image via Jack Huber

It had been years since anyone picked me up, held me, enchanted by my words. Actually, they weren’t my words, they were E.B. White’s, but his words created me, a life constructed of sentences, paragraphs, chapters, a climax, and the denouement. Without E.B. White, I could never have told my story. You see, in The Trumpet of a Swan, I cannot speak and from my challenges, E.B. (in my mind those initials stood for Egret Boy, but actually his human name was Elwyn Brooks) told the story of what it’s like to be different.

When Mom picked me up and…

Medical Workers. CBS News Collage

Connecticut Farmland photo by Lisa Worth Huber

Baltimore Love Project. Baltimore Street Art @baltimorestreetart.com

What must people do
when the leader’s mind
is ravaged by hate?

When compassion is cursed
with the sign of the cross
as if it were vampiric.

If there’s an infection
in our country,
it’s sitting on a throne
in what was once a chair
at the podium of “WE the People”.

Daily, lives are ravaged
by the greed and hostility
of leaders numb
to the struggle they incite,
triggering an epidemic of fear
by spreading the plague
of separation.

So what do WE do — ?
WE who refuse
to believe this curse from on high?
How do WE keep our hearts

Lisa Worth Huber

Writer, storyteller, and educator—passionate about peace, social justice, and the environment. More at the website: https://www.lisahuber.org/

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